It’s almost time to turn our tongues purple by eating a lot of jamuns! Summer brings the zesty and delectable Jamun after nearly a year of anticipation. Throughout the year, you can buy packaged Jamun juice. However, take a sip of Jamun juice, and you will see a glimpse of heaven! It immediately brings back memories of fun summer evenings spent finishing bowls of this tiny fruit while chatting with family. Jamun juice benefits are numerous; they improve the quality of our diet and provide essential macronutrients, each of which plays a unique role in meeting the family’s nutritional needs.

Is jamun juice good for health

Jamun is known as the ‘Fruit of Gods’ in India, and is widely consumed. This exotic fruit originated in Neolithic times when people ate wild berries, wild plums, and nuts as a staple diet.  While jamuns may no longer be available, storing their seeds or jamun juice in our kitchens will allow us to continue reaping the benefits of the fruit.  Let’s look at how this lip-smacking drink treats hemorrhoids and improves vision.

How Jamun Juice Helps To Treat Hemorrhoids And Improves Vision

Hemorrhoids are bulged and inflamed veins in the anus and lower rectum caused by high abdominal pressure or, to a lesser extent, other factors. Internal hemorrhoids are those that are inside the rectum. External hemorrhoids can also form under the skin around the anus. Jamun is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids, including one of the most popular home remedies. As we all know, hard stools and digestive issues can aggravate hemorrhoids. When combined with salt or jamun juice, it can help to soften the stools, allowing you to be more comfortable when the bowel moves.

How jamun juice is beneficial for hemorrhoids and eye health

It is also an excellent fruit for treating bacterial infections. Drinking jamun fruit juice regularly will assist you in overcoming bacterial infections caused by hemorrhoids. It will also heal the wounds on the piles’ affected areas. It possesses essential properties that can effectively treat hemorrhoids, such as anti-bacterial and gastroprotective properties. It can also treat hardening veins prone to burst, making it an effective home remedy for piles.

Jamun is high in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and thus plays a vital role in treating eye diseases. The vitamins C and A in their juice are good for your eyes. They aid in producing connective tissue and collagen, which keeps your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

You’ve seen how Jamun juice can help with hemorrhoids and improve vision. Let us delve into some of the benefits of jamun juice.

7 Best Benefits OF Healthy And Delicious Jamun Juice

Jamun is widely used as an astringent and is part of religious and cultural traditions. However, it is gradually gaining popularity in other countries. It holds a special place in Ayurveda and the Unani medical system. The fruits contain high glucose, fructose, malic acid, and anthocyanin, while the seeds contain high levels of flavonoids.

What are the benefits of jamun juice

Black plums are high in vitamins A and C and moderate vitamin B-complex. They contribute significantly to calcium and iron levels in the diet and minerals and high-fiber content for normal gastrointestinal motility. Let us delve into some of the surprising benefits of kala jamun juice.

1. Increases Production Of Hemoglobin 

Blood transports nutrition throughout our bodies, feeds all of our cells, and provides oxygen, fueling the cell’s metabolism. Hemoglobin serves as an oxygen binder in our blood cells; a healthy blood cell should bind oxygen effectively. The antioxidant enzymes found in jamun extracts are essential for the production of hemoglobin, which the body requires for healthy circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

2. Protects The Liver

The liver is the organ that purifies and disposes of toxins that enter our bodies. The liver also secretes bile, which aids in the breakdown of lipids. As a powerful blood purification agent, jamun fruit indirectly aids in maintaining a healthy liver, resulting in healthy bile and preventing excessive lipid accumulation, which can lead to fatty liver and obesity.

3. Maintains Healthy Gums and Teeth

Jamun fruit contains vitamin C, which is effective in tooth care. The ability of vitamin C to heal wounds and to prevent bleeding gums. Jamun’s antibacterial properties also aid in the prevention of bacteria that can invade and damage our teeth. Astringent in jamun also eliminates bad breath.

4. Treats Infections

Various parts of the jamun leaves, bark, and seeds have traditionally been used to treat bacterial infections. Because of its antibacterial properties, this fruit keeps bacteria from invading our bodies and keeping us safe from severe conditions that can cause fever and other complications. It can also reduce the likelihood of developing sepsis.

How jamun juice helps in treating infections

5. Prevents Seasonal Problems

Seasonal issues are a significant issue that almost everyone faces. Jamun, on the other hand, can help with specific seasonal issues. Because Jamun fruit is commonly found during the summer, it can be highly beneficial in treating summertime ailments. It strengthens the body’s immune system, allowing it to combat common seasonal diseases.

6. Enhances Bone Strength

Jamun fruit is also high in calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin C. It strengthens the bones and may help prevent osteoporosis and other calcium deficiency issues.

7. Prevents Heart Disease

Eating jamun may help avoid hardening arteries, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. It is high in nutrients such as ellagic acid, anthocyanins, and anthocyanidins, all of which have potent anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds are potent antioxidants, preventing cholesterol oxidation and plaque formation and contributing to heart disease.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages of jamun juice. Let us now discuss the consequences.

Side Effects

Everything has a good and a bad phase. Similarly, despite so many health benefits, there is a slew of side effects to be aware of when consuming jamun.  Here are some of the potential side effects that should be taken care of

  • Blood clots
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Respiratory problems
  • Fever
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Dysentery
  • Flatulence
  • Spasms

Large amounts of jamun juice can cause sluggish motions. These are some of the negative consequences of excessive consumption. Before consuming it, diabetic patients should always consult their doctor.

What are the side effects of jamun juice

Now that you’ve seen the consequences. Let us now discuss the nutritional value of jamun juice.

Nutritional Facts

Even though the jamun fruit is highly perishable and has a limited shelf life, it is high in nutrients. Minerals such as sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium are abundant. In addition, it is high in anthocyanin, the pigment that gives jamun its distinctive purple color. It contains numerous biochemical compounds, such as flavonoids, essential oils, and botulinic acid, which can aid in managing and treating a variety of diseases.

What are the nutritional facts of jamun juice

Let’s take a look at Jamun’s nutritional information.

100 grams of the fruit contains:

  • Approximately 62 kal
  • 14 g of carbohydrate
  • 15 mg of calcium
  • 15 mg of phosphorus
  • 2 mg of iron
  • 18 milligrams of vitamin C
  • Trace amounts of vitamin B

The jamun fruit is essential and recommended by nutritionists and dietitians to be incorporated into several diet plans. The fruit comprises 83% water, 16% carbohydrates, and 1% protein. The fat content is negligible.

You’ve now seen the nutritional facts for real jamun juice. Let us now discuss how to select the best supplement.

How To Choose The Right Supplement And Where To Buy It From

Choose jamun juice that are 100% organic and pure if you’re watching your calories. To be safe, stay away from unpasteurized or fermented juices, which may contain harmful bacteria.

How to choose the right supplement to boost your immunity

If you are looking for 100% organic, GMP and Certified Food Safety Jamun juice, Nurturic guarantees high quality and authenticity.

Our Take

Consuming Jamun juice daily will have a significant impact on your overall health. Make this delicious juice and enjoy the tangy and savory jamun juice.


1. Is jamun juice good for health?

Yes. Jamun juice is a nutrient-dense and refreshing fruit. It is beneficial to diabetic patients because it aids in converting starch into energy and maintaining blood sugar levels.

2. Is jamun good for hemorrhoids?

Yes. Jamun juice is effective in the treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. It can also treat hardening veins prone to burst, making it an effective home remedy for piles.

3. What are benefits of drinking jamun juice?

Jamun juice contains low calories. It contains bioactive phytochemicals that help lower the risk of liver disease and cancer and are effective in the treatment of diabetes.

4. What are the side effects of jamun?

Jamun juice is most likely safe, but excessive consumption may negatively affect people with blood clots, hypoglycemia, respiratory problems, or fever.

5. Does jamun create constipation?

No. Jamun fruit, due to its antibacterial properties, aids in the prevention of infection in the digestive system, lowering the risk of severe diarrhea or appendicitis. It also helps your body achieve natural bowel movement, which prevents constipation.

6. Who should not eat jamun?

Diabetes patients, pregnant women, and nursing mothers are advised to avoid eating jamun. Because this fruit has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, excessive consumption may result in dangerously low blood sugar levels.

7. Is jamun good for stomach?

Jamun is high in vitamins A and C, which detoxifies our bodies and is also used to treat digestive disorders such as diarrhea, dysentery, and vomiting.

8. Which vitamin is present in jamun?

It contains a number of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B9, and vitamin C.

9. Is Jamun good for eyes?

The vitamins C and A in jamun juice are good for your eyes. They aid in producing connective tissue and collagen, which keeps your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

10. Can we drink  jamun juice at night?

Staying up late quickly saps our strength and even weakens our immunity. Drinking jamun juice, high in vitamin C, can be considered one of the most nutritious and healthy drinks for the evening, allowing you to boost your energy levels quickly.

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