About Us

You are beautiful and you deserve to find products that are health-giving and 100% natural. You are virtuous and you deserve to get assured of the authenticity of the product claims. We, at Nurturic, care for you and are committed to giving you the finest quality nutritional supplements with high-grade effectiveness. Our products rely on 100% natural ingredients that have been verified to achieve unbelievable health benefits. Shop from our wide range of offerings that include plant/fruit extracts, juices, teas and other naturally derived supplements.

Our Story

We are a young brand, affiliated to the parent company Pyrite Fitness Pvt. Ltd. For us, Nurturic is more than an Online Supplement Store, It is our passion for food, health, wellness and fitness. We, as a team, have always believed that,

  • Health is not merely the state of being disease-free, it is a state of cohesion among mind, body and soul.
  • Both Science and Nature aim for the well-being of human beings. Science discovers, while nature creates.
  • The true essence of life lies in its harmony with nature and not in the conflict.

Hence, we started this journey to bestow true wellness to every individual who follows the same thought process. In our pursuit of perfection, we blended the ancient principles of Ayurveda with the latest scientific technologies to design supplements that make a visible difference in people’s health.

Since 2012, we have been getting acknowledged and appreciated as a technology-driven institution which has adeptly designed products and services to maximize outcomes in the fitness, health and wellness industries. You can explore more about our history here.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the nutrient content of your diet, by giving you the highest quality naturally-derived products, so that you enjoy the abundance of life and health. With our online nutritional consultation service, we have taken an initiative to educate people how adopting the pace of nature can give their health far more than they seek. And with our widest range of healthy alternatives to synthetic supplements, we have gone the extra mile to bring a meaningful and concrete change in your way of living.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about people, the planet and prosperity! We strongly believe that when you keep honesty and integrity as your foundation, then results are bound to follow. Some of our goals include:

Social welfare

We are committed to maximizing every variable of people’s mental and physical life by thoughtfully designing and bringing research-based and highest quality natural supplements.

Health Awareness

We acknowledge the fact that awareness is the first step in improving healthcare. Hence, through our online nutritional consultation, we are dedicated to empowering the community with the right nutritional information so that they can make high-quality and informed decisions about their diet plans.

Sustainable Solutions

We adhere to the principle that we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, but we have borrowed it from our children. Hence, we are devoted to the natural well-being of every individual with our 100% plant-based and certified products. We have pledged against the usage of any synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals in our products.

Our Products

Our product line includes everything that you need in your pursuit of great life and well-being. Right from Morning Rituals, Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals to Immunity Boosters and Ayurveda and Herbs. Try them now!